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Pinnacle Pixie Activation 500 Exe Download abbolat




!!!! We just bought a pinnacles pixie for our small backyard. We are using it with the honda ES mv. When I try to turn it on, it blinks three times and then nothing happens. Is there a problem with the unit, or is there a way to power it directly from the honda? If it is a problem, can I use the supplied charger, or is there a way to wire the battery to the unit? Sorry if this question is a dumb one, but we are at a loss. The Honda ES does not have a charger, and should not be used as a charger for the Pinnacle Pixie 500/600. The Honda ES will turn on the Pinnacle Pixie through the Honda i-link, however, it will be the Honda ES that turns the Pinnacle on. I got the Pinnacle pixie and it still had the old charger with it. Is there a way to get the new charger? It doesn't work either. I tried plugging it in a number of different ways. It won't even light up with the original charger. Any ideas? Took the new charger out of the box and the pixie only gave three blinks. The batteries are new. The unit is new. It was picked up at a car audio store. I have tried with a different Honda ES but there is no change. I've tried on three different occasions. One time I got the pixie to turn on, but it never really worked. The other time, it stayed on, but it was barely going. It took a long time to get it to turn on. And the last time I had a problem, the pixie wouldn't turn on. I got the same blinks as above. Does anybody know how to turn on the pixie after it was purchased? Is there something special to do with the Honda ES? Any information on this would be much appreciated. The unit has never been installed. It was brought in a box. I would try and check the connections. I would also disconnect the battery from the Honda and put it in. Let us know if it lights up. The new Pinnacle/AudioControl Pixie 500/600 is manufactured by Arvi Audio. It has received the AudioControl designation. We have tested and are selling the unit as a Pinnacle product and have found it to work flawlessly with our 15-HP Honda ES amplifier.




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Pinnacle Pixie Activation 500 Exe Download abbolat

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